What happens when you lose 65lbs?

This is what happens when you lose 65 lbs. You lose half your closet, and pack your trunk to donate.

I have a friend who has recently lost over 65lbs, and asked me for my help with her closet. One of the challenges that she was facing was that she didn’t see herself as a size 18, but still as a size 24. She was having a hard time letting go of her old clothes from when she was bigger. I spent at least 6 hours with her, over a couple days, going shopping at Value Village, and cleaning out her closet. This was the result.   trunk.jpg

trunk2.jpg  trunk4.jpg

This friend had decided on the last birthday that she was going to celebrate in her 30’s, to run a marathon. She completed a half marathon and a 5k race in the same weekend while in Las Vegas

To see her story about her weight loss, visit her facebook here.

Knowing that there is an emotional attachment to clothing, both good and bad, makes throwing things out very difficult. Hiring an image coach that does closet cleanouts, can help let go of things that you, otherwise, hold onto. I went into her closet, while she was making lunch for us (She is a vegan and makes some awesome food) and grabbed all the clothes that I knew wouldn’t fit her anymore. I had 2 full size garbage bags of stuff before she had a chance to see it go. Items that were size 20 to 28. She is wearing a size 18.

Schedule your closet cleanout today.


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